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Thank you for visiting Stuffems Toy Shop online! We offer you the Worlds largest selection of Stuffed Animal Clothing with over 750 items to choose from, as well as a collection of nearly 300 Make Your Own Stuffed Animal styles. Our products are sourced from the highest quality suppliers on the market! Our Stuffed Animal kits are user friendly and do not require sewing! Our animals all have self-sealing closures and easy instructions. All of these products are currently being purchased, tested and loved throughout our chain of mall specialty stores throughout the Midwest.

60+ Sound Inserts For Your Stuffed Animal!
Sound Modules

    Everyone remembers a favorite stuffed animal he or she had growing up. With the help of Stuffems Toy Shop, you can accessorize your little one's favorite stuffed friend to make it even more memorable, or take home a new high quality plush friend you can stuff and love forever.

    Our business serves as one of the largest suppliers of stuffed animal clothing, make your own stuffed animal and accessories like sounds an shoes. The outfits fit two sizes of stuffed animals, including popular brands such as Webkinz and Build A Bear. Our stuffed animals will fit clothing also made by these other brands.

    Browse our website to find the cutest little teddy bear or outfit for your child. We even offer armed forces uniforms for stuffed animals, to support our troops overseas. In fact, our plush clothing is geared for many different interests, sports and professions.

    We are proud to offer our newest product, the recorder. You can record a special message for your child and place it inside the stuffed animal. By pressing on the right spot, the child can play the message over and over again! Our recording devices are perfect for creating message bears for family, friends, military overseas, ultrasound heartbeat and many more.

    Browse our website to discover all of the stuffed animal and clothing options available. Contact us today for any questions or comments about our products!

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